Thursday, August 25, 2016

Staying Positive in a Cyber World

One of my main focuses lately has been creating classes and teaching people how to develop and use their intuition. One of the main struggles however, is getting past the noise and chaos in the world. People spend hours every day scrolling through and trolling social media, posting, commenting on other people’s posts, reading the massive amount of information coming through their new feeds. And in times like this, especially during a political year, the information can be very hateful and negative. How do we keep from getting swept away? 

I believe that if one truly wants to start living a more spiritual and fulfilling life, they must first figure out how to be happy and stay positive. You need to learn how to navigate this fast and furious information age gracefully. Here are a few don’ts and do’s to help you get a grip on the cyber world and remain sane. These are things I have learned, sometimes the hard way, since I discovered social media.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I am referring to “sharing” posts. There are many, many images appearing to be factual information flying around the internet, especially now. But before you hit that share button, stop and think:

Is it true? It only takes a few seconds to find out. If it’s not, don’t share it. Stop spreading false information. 
Is it nice? If not, why do it? Don’t do it. After all, what goes around really does come around.
Will it put a smile on someone’s face? If not, why share it? And on the flip side, if it is joyful and will put a smile on someone else’s face, share away. Otherwise, resist the urge to hit that button. 

Will it make a difference in someone’s life or change their mind to your way of thinking? It most likely will not, especially if it’s negative, so why go there?

Creating Drama

How often do you take to social media to share bad news or complain about something or someone? Do you air your dirty laundry about your family? Do you call someone out who you are feuding with? Do you post vague comments that are intended only to garner sympathy? Now ask yourself, does that really help anything? Yeah, you might get a few sympathetic comments, you might even get a few people offering to “have your back”, but does it really help or change anything? Do you enjoy being known as a debby downer or a chronic complainer? Even if you have a few close friends who always take your side, how many of them actually roll their eyes at yet another battle being waged? It might surprise you.

 All of this does nothing except keep you in a state of negativity, and spreads it around to others. It kills your joy, your happiness and it makes you unable to truly be thankful for the things you do have in your life. When you live in this state of constant turmoil, you create more turmoil for yourself and eventually you will no longer be able to see the good around you. That is very sad. 

Sharing mean, hateful or disrespectful pictures.

You know the ones. Pictures like the ones referred to as “the people of Walmart” or just random pictures that people snap of random strangers they deem to be inappropriate and worthy of being made fun of. First ask yourself, who are you to deem anyone else as inappropriate or worthy of ridicule? Remember that these are real people and the internet is a fast and furious machine aimed at sharing everything at lightening speed across the entire globe. Put yourself in their place for a minute, because the truth is, that picture might end up in their news feed before too long. What if it were you? What if it were your child, sibling, or even a parent? How would you feel? It doesn’t matter if you would never go out dressed like that or do something stupid like that in public. That does not give you license to make fun of someone else, period! Again, what goes around does eventually come around.

So how do we stay happy and sane?

What can we do? What can create happiness, fill you with gratefulness and keep your energy clear so that you can live a more spiritual and fulfilling life?

Post inspiring messages.
Sometimes we all need a little something to lift us up and keep our eyes focused on what is good in the world.

Share inspiring stories of love and courage.

We all love a hero. Even on your worse day, it’s hard to not feel better when we see or read about good things going on in the world.

Marc Gold - 100 Friends Project

Share cute and funny pictures and videos of kids and pets.

It’s pretty hard not to smile when you see an adorable baby or an animal doing something silly. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Follow inspirational people.

Be inspired by them to go out and do good in the world, and let them inspire you to be someone others want to follow.

Nick Vujicic, author Life Without Limbs

Post something nice on someone else’s timeline. 

Make random posts of kindness and encouragement to brighten another person’s day. One last time.. What goes around comes around. It works both ways. :) 

Be authentic with your words and your comments.

Don’t get caught up in the virtual world playing make believe. Own who you are. Be happy with where you are. Share it.. 
Be quiet.

You don’t have to comment on everything you read. If you find yourself being bothered by a friend’s constant negativity, unfollow them. Eliminate the negativity from your daily view. It really is that simple.

Wean yourself from social media.

Go out into nature, read a book, spend time with your friends and family without the constant interruption of your phone or computer. Put on some great music and dance. Volunteer for a cause you feel passionately about. Laugh often, smile always and love one another with all your heart. Remember there is a real world out there full of wonderful and amazing things. Don’t get caught up in cyber space. Most of it is not real.