Monday, June 27, 2016

Signs From Our Loved Ones

Signs From Our Loved Ones – Ways that try to let us know they are still with us and ok

Often after a loved one passes, they want to be close and let us know that they are ok. They give us signs such as a dream, a familiar smell or even a song.. Sometimes we are so caught up in our grief that we don’t notice these signs. When we do, we sometimes we wonder if it’s just wishful thinking.  But sometimes they give us signs that we simply cannot write off as coincidence or wishful thinking. Once you recognize these messages for what they are, you will no longer wonder; you will know because they will be clear and usually come through just when we need them.

Signs from our loved ones are usually personal and very significant. The key is to pay attention to repetitive signs. Watch for and be open to meaningful occurrences and communication from beyond the physical.

Following are a few of the ways that our loved ones try to communicate with us. If you have ever experienced any of these and wondered, wonder no longer. It’s very likely you have received a sign from Heaven.


Often our loved ones come to us in our dreams. It’s one of the easiest ways for them to make themselves known to us. One way to tell that this is an actual visitation is that the dream will be incredibly vivid and real.  It will stay with you in detail when you wake up, and for days and years later. At first you may feel sadness due to the loss, but as you recognize these dreams as actual visits they will become very peaceful and soothing. 

It’s easier for us to receive visits through our dreams because our minds are not distracted by daily activity, and we are not as caught up in our grief. Also our vibration can rise when we sleep because our subconscious is less cluttered with external stimuli.

People often tell me that they don’t dream, even though they want to. They ask for their loved ones to come through in a dream, but don’t remember anything upon awakening. I believe that we all dream and we all receive visits from our loved ones, we just need to set up the situation to remember it. As you fall asleep at night, you can ask our loved ones to visit, and they often will. The key is to set an intention so that you will remember the dream. Be prepared with a journal and pen on your nightstand to write down anything you remember upon awakening. The more you do this, the more open and receptive you will be and that will make it easier to remember more and more of your dreams. 

Scents & Smells

Another easy for our loved ones to let us know that they are close is through our sense of smell. Our sense of smell is closely connected to our memories. They will send a unique odor that you will immediately associate with them. There will be no logical explanation of where the odor is coming from. It might be their favorite perfume, the smell of a pipe or cigarettes, a fresh baked apple pie or fresh bread. Sometimes the smell lasts only a moment, just long enough to get our attention. Other times it will linger and bring us a sense of closeness and peace.


Have you ever been driving down the road, or working in your office or home, and suddenly something will make you think of your loved one? Then a song comes on that was “your song” or “their song” or the words of the song clearly represent something about your loved one. It’s perfect timing, or is it?

We know they are around when their favorite songs come on at the right time with the exact words we need to hear. Often the same song is played in many different places throughout the day or over the next several days.  The song, coupled with the memory, is their way of letting us know that they are here with us. 

Thoughts and Feelings

Have you ever, just out of the blue, felt a presence like you were not alone?  Maybe it feels familiar, or in some way brings a sense of peace and love. When our loved ones are close, their love for us can often be felt.

Our loved ones can also put thoughts in our mind. You may get an image or think you heard a voice, and all of it just sort of pops into your head out of nowhere. That is our love one trying to let you know they are around.

I am putting these 2 things together because they are often signs that accompany one another. It’s easy to see why.  The thought of someone you love often brings up feelings of love and how they made us feel when they were still with us.

Other ways you might feel their presence is actually feeling them. You might feel a hand on your shoulder or a brush against your hair. It’s ever so slight, but you know, because of the feeling that gives you, that it really is your loved one there with you. 
Unexpected Gifts

Spirit often has a way of gifting us by putting something in your path. But remember, it’s not always a human loved one who will do this.

I have a close friend who lost her beloved dog in a very tragic way. She was left feeling deeply sad, depressed and very angry, and she was finding it very hard to bring herself out of this dark place. Within a couple of weeks a small, older and very frail dog stray dog wandered into her life, and her home.  Her intention was to help the old girl with food and vet care, and then find someone to foster or adopt her. As she went through the process of getting medical care for this dog, and began contacting various pet helper organizations, she began to wonder if her dog had sent this precious gift to help her through her sadness and to help heal her heart. Needless to say, the helpless, sick old dog found her forever home when she walked into my friend’s yard, and is now a very happy and healthy member of a family who loves and cherishes her.

Other gifts from spirit might be as simple as a coin or feather. Whatever it is, if it catches your eye and makes you wonder, it most likely is a gift from your loved one.

Misplaced or Moved Items
Sometimes when your loved one comes to visit, they want to let you know in a more physical way. They might move a picture, or your glasses; they may knock a book off the nightstand, or move a piece of jewelry. At first you might scratch your head or maybe think you’re losing your mind. If you brush it off, they may step the game up. Eventually you start to put the pieces together, and as you do the occurrences will slow down or stop all together. They have accomplished their goal, to let you know they are around you.


Sometimes we will see the same numbers over and over again. You will wake up at the same time every night, or something will catch your attention and you look at the clock or your watch and again, the same time. You might see the numbers on a license plate on the car in front of you, or even on a street sign or in the grocery store as an advertised price.

Our loved ones will show us numbers to let you know that they are around. They may show us important numbers that represent an anniversary or a birthday, so some other significant date. A lot of people put meaning to repeating master numbers (as in numerology) like 11, 22 or 33. If certain number resonates with you, then it very well may be your loved one letting you know that they are around. They show us the same numbers over and over to reinforce their presence


Electricity is one of the easiest things for spirit to manipulate. Our loved one can easily flicker lights, turn on the tv or radio, mess around with your computer or cell phone. Because they are now energy, it’s easy for them to tape into energy. Most times, this is just a way for your loved one to let you know that they are around. 


Do you believe in coincidence? Our loved ones may sometimes set up situations where things just keep happening and you begin to wonder if it’s more than chance or coincidence. Maybe they are trying to lead you into a new opportunity, a new job. Perhaps they are trying to help you get out of a bad relationship or meet new friends.

Not too long ago I was seriously thinking about leaving a job that was really dragging me down. I had worked in the industry for years, but things were changing and not in a good way.  I kept feeling that things just were not right, I would see things that didn’t align with my values, but I wasn’t sure that I could afford to just walk away. Jobs in my field were very hard to find and I was felt lucky that I had found this one. However, things were happening that kept making me feel more and more uncomfortable. I was looking for a sign to help me decide. Then all of a sudden I saw a video from someone I respected that spoke of how spirit will sometimes force you into negative or unpleasant circumstances to get you to see that you are in the wrong place. She specifically talked about how spirit will set up situations that will keep pushing you until you leave a job you don’t belong in, in order open up new opportunities for you. I saw 2 or 3 more references pretty much saying the same thing all within the next few hours, and then I got an email from a lady that I had done some work for the year prior, asking me if I was available to resume the work I had done for her, and take on more, in a field that I do love and allows me to help others in a positive way. I call that a quality sign. My decision was made and I quit my job. I do absolutely feel like all of these events were set up by Spirit trying to guide me to a life that would be more fulfilling and allow me the flexibility to do more of my spiritual work.

Perhaps you are wondering about changing jobs.. then you run across this post. Is it a sign?  Probably!  However it doesn’t have to be a job per se. If you are trying to make a difficult decision, ask for a sign. I am a firm believer that if you ask, you will receive exactly what you need.

Just remember, the same sort of synchronicity can occur in any area of your life such as love, travel or even getting a new car. Your loved ones can set up a situation where you meet someone just when you need to, help you stumble across circumstances that open up the opportunity for a vacation where you didn’t think there was one.. all sorts of things..   The key is recognizing the signs.


Even if you have never had a psychic experience, it is possible for our loved ones to appear to us. Most times it’s very brief like seeing someone in a mirror standing behind you, or even seeing them stand right in front of you.  You might wake up in the middle of the night and see your loved one sitting beside you on the bed and you wonder if you’re dreaming. You aren’t. You do not have to be a psychic or medium for your loved ones to show themselves to you.

A lot of times, the vision comes to you in your mind’s eye, which is how most mediums see spirit. It seems like a visual thought, but actually it’s your loved one appearing to you. It may feel like a memory, or you may feel like you are losing your mind or just imagining it. The key to knowing for sure is when the vision is accompanied with a full out feeling of their presence, and is so vivid you cannot deny the experience. When this happens, you will know that it is your loved one.

Indirect Messages

Although your loved one can no longer speak to you, they are very able to communicate with you. Sometimes you may actually hear your name being called, or a warning message like “stop”, but more often it comes as an indirect message.
Have you ever been driving a little too fast? All of a sudden you see something that makes you realize that you need to slow down. It may be a bird that flies directly in front of your car, or an animal about to jump onto the road. Sometimes these are messages meant to keep you out of harm’s way.

After my father died, I started receiving emails. At first I didn’t put it together, as I thought it was just spam mail. But all of a sudden I was receiving daily emails from a cigar company. Cigars? Then after a couple of weeks I realized it was my dad. He was known for 3 things.. his cowboy hat, his cadillac and mostly, his cigars. Once I realized it was him, and told him so, the emails stopped. Then I would only get one occasionally when I was stressed or struggling with something. It’s his way of telling me to stop and breathe. 

Babies and Pets
Both young children and animals can see and sense spirit. If you walk into the nursery and see your baby looking at something that you cannot see, maybe even reacting in some way, the likelihood that he/she is being visited by a loved one is very high. Or if your dog suddenly jumps up and barks at empty space, or begins getting excited and wagging her tail at nothing, or your cat is watching something that it appears only he can see.. again, they may be seeing or sensing your loved your who has come for a visit.

Another way that your loved ones can communicate with you is through animals, birds and even insects. If they are not getting their message across, they will sometimes take drastic measures. I remember once my sister called because she had a cardinal that continually pecked at the window in her massage therapy room. It had been doing this for days, about the same time every day. I told her to look up what cardinal represents and see how the message fit in her life at that time. When she did, the message was clear and the bird stopped pecking at her window.

Now that being said, it’s not always a warning message when they send animals, birds and/or insects to you. Sometimes it’s simply a representation of who they were. Perhaps they loved birds.. you may receive feathers, or a certain bird might always appear just when you need encouragement. The same goes with any object that you might associate with your loved one, like coins, flowers or even rocks.

And so... These are just a few of the ways spirit can communicate with us. If you have had an experience, please feel free to share your stories with us!